Here are the Akabeko characters, made by Méli and Malice, and their personality!
Akabeko is a legendary red cow from Fukushima Prefecture. It’s very popular and you will find it as a toy in the region.


Her favorite hobby is to ride a bike. Not always easy for a cow, but he does it pretty well!
He also loves fashion and often goes shopping to find the fashionable accessories.
Playing with cats is one of his favorite activities.

We often tell him that he has a little resemblance to…a pig or a wild boar rather than a cow! But to tell you the truth … his grandfather is a wild boar! This explains that.

He likes: cycling, fashion, travel, cats, etc.


She’s always smiling! She is actually studying French and seems to enjoy it!
She prefers to eat rather than to cook, and sometimes may drink some alcohol. One day she would also like to climb the Mt Fuji.

She likes: France, good food, challenges, the mountains, and so on.

Baby Akabeko:

How cute! As he is a baby, his nose is still white. It will take a while before it turns red!

He likes: fireworks and soy milk.

Father Akabeko’s father, the boar:


He enjoys driving everywhere, so you may have already met him somewhere?

Long ago, he met Papa Akabeko’s grandmother (in other words, his wife) in the village of Ouchi-Juku, in Fukushima.
It was love at first sight when he met this wonderful red cow, and they never left! But this is another story…

Akabeko box is here!

The Akabeko Box is a set of postcards with the illustrations of “Méli et Malice & Akabeko” and a lovely folder.

There is also an original and colorful map of Fukushima to discover this wonderful prefecture !