Let me introduce Futaba daruma chan!

Futaba daruma chan(福):

He likes to have long walks with his dog. He likes to take care of himself, so you will often see him in front of a mirror with a hairdryer!
He enjoys going camping with his friends Méli and Malice, Akabeko and the okiagari koboshi. Maybe… you may have even saw him in a tent!

He likes: dogs, fashion, camping, ice cream, and much more …


He enjoys having a walk in Futaba, Tomioka town and surrounding areas. His favorite hobby is taking pictures of the cherry trees and pheasants !
Recently he got into knitting! He wants to make a sweater for the Futaba daruma chan “fuku”, but he is currently looking for a pattern for a sweater with two faces!

He likes: horses, reading a book at the foot of a Persian lilac (tree symbolizing the town of Futaba), DIY, daifuku sakura sweets, and much more!