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Takigawa Gorges

Hikers and nature lovers will be thrilled with Takigawa Gorges.
This area is spectacular in autumn when the trees change their colors.

The hiking trail takes you through the forest and its many small waterfalls. One of the most popular is the “Little Mount Fuji Waterfall” (小富士滝) in the fall foliage… Don’t forget to bring your camera!

The main hiking train is 3km and takes about an hour for a round trip hike, so you will have time to enjoy other Fukushima activities!

How to get there :

By car : use the 349 or the 118 national route.
By train : use the Suigun line (ligne JR : 水郡線) from Koriyama station (郡山駅), in Koriyama city (郡山市). The ride takes about 1 and a half hours. Get off at Higashidate station (東館駅) and use a taxi to reach the gorges.

Address in romaji :
Takigawa no Sato Yamatsuri, Higashishirakawa District, Fukushima 963-5114

Address in kanji :
滝川の里 (滝川渓谷)
〒963-5114 福島県東白川郡矢祭町

Furoyama Park

Imagine a mountain covered with nearly 3000 blooming azaleas… Welcome to Furoyama Park!
This little known park is a real palette of colors and nature located in the center of Hanawa town.
The peak bloom is usually at the end of April / beginning of May.

Follow the path to the top of the mountain, through the azaleas, you may see a wooden arbor (東屋), a memorial stone (記念碑) and a “turtle rock” (亀石) before reaching out the Mitsumine shrine. It is a small sacred wooden altar under the trees.
From up there, enjoy the most beautiful view of the town of Hanawa and the lush mountains.

In order to continue to preserve and maintain the park, a 100 yen participation fees per person is required.

How to get there :

Use the Suigun line (ligne JR : 水郡線) from Koriyama station (郡山駅), in Koriyama city (郡山市). The ride takes about 1 hour 15 minutes. Get off at the Iwaki-Hanawa station (磐城塙駅) and reach the park after 15/20 minutes walk.

Address in romaji :
Sakuragicho-3-1 Hanawa, Higashishirakawa District, Fukushima 963-5405

Address in kanji :
〒963-5405 福島県東白川郡塙町桜木町3-1

Dahlia soft serve

The town of Hanawa (where you can visit Furoyama Park) is well known for its dahlias! The mascot of the town is a lovely giant dahlia called “ダリちゃん” (Dalichan). You can visit Yuyu Land Hanawa Park (湯遊ランドはなわ) and enjoy thousands of colored dahlias! Entrance fees is 350 yen per person.

After all these visits aren’t you hungry? Come and savour a yummy dahlia flavor soft serve! Bon appétit!

Where to get it?

Go to Michi no Eki Hanawa (道の駅 はなわ), a 5-minute walk from Furoyama Park (about 20/25 minutes by foot from Iwaki-Hanawa (磐城塙駅)). The staff is adorable, you can buy delicious local fruits & vegetables there and the view of the Kuji river with the cherry blossoms is amazing.

* Michi no Eki are rest areas at the entrance or exit of cities. They provide a free parking, restrooms; and you can also eat typical foods, buy fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers, buy souvenirs of the region and rest before hitting the road.

Address in romaji:
Sakuragicho-388-1 Hanawa, Higashishirakawa District, Fukushima 963-5405

Address in kanji:
道の駅 はなわ内
〒963-5405 福島県東白川郡塙町大字塙字桜木町388-1

Narcissus flycatcher

The “Flycatcher narcissus” bird is one of the symbols of the prefecture. It is called “キビタキ” (Kibitaki) in Japanese.
It’s easily recognizable by its yellow plumage on the chest. The Fukushima mascot is a yellow narcissus Flycatcher called “キビタン” (Kibitan). Perhaps have you already seen it?

Nanko Park

Nanko park is consider the oldest traditional garden in Japan. Its lake with a view on mount Nasu and its Nanko sanctuary (南湖神社) provide a relaxing atmosphere.
Stop by the local shops and enjoy some dango while enjoying the view!

The park is located in the city of Shirakawa. There are many things to discover in this area such as Komine castle (小峰城).
Shirakawa city is the first Shinkansen stop (Shin-Shirakawa (新白河) in Fukushima. It is a perfect first stop to discover the aforementioned stops.

How to get there :

By car : take national route 289.
By bus : from Shin-Shirakawa (新白河) take the JR bus headed for Tanagura (棚倉行き) and get of at the “Park Nanko” (南湖公園) stop. It is a 10 minute bus ride and then a 1 minute walk to the park.

Address in romaji:
Nanko Park, Shirakawa, Fukushima 961-0812

Address in kanji :
〒961-0812 福島県白河市

Ultraman brioche

Isn’t it so cute with and its golden-brown face and its pastry cream eyes!
The creator Eiji Tsuburaya (円谷 英二) of the Japanese television series “Ultraman” was born in Sukagawa city (須賀川市).
That’s why there are several Ultraman statues in the city and this small bread as good as cute.

Where to buy :

Use the Suigun line (JR line: 水郡線) from Koriyama station (郡山駅), in Koriyama city (郡山市). The ride takes about 10 minutes.
Get off at Sukagawa station (須賀川駅) and reach the bakery after 20 minutes walk.

Address in romaji:
17-1 Nakamachi, Sukagawa, Fukushima 962-0845

Address in kanji :
〒962-0845 福島県須賀川市中町17-1

Oike Park

Little known, Oike park has very nice highlights!
Whatever the season, you will be thrilled with the nice views and the little Japanese wooden arbor.
In summer, the park is famous for the lotus flowers and water lilies spreading across the lake.

If you want to enjoy camping, a dedicated ground is free of charge and accessible to everyone.
It is closed from December 29 to March 1. First of all, you must contact the municipality by phone at 0248-42-2829.
Check-in is between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. Check-out is the next day, at 11 am at the latest.
In addition, there is a parking lot close to the campsite.
However, in case there are events of festivals at Oike Park, you may not be able to access to the camping ground.

Do you love camping and hot springs? Perfect !
Four onsen are accessible nearby:
3 minutes by car: Shin-Kikushima onsen (新菊島温泉), 300 円 / person, open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
5 minutes by car: Kannon-Yu (観音湯), 700 円 / person, open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.
                                      Ayuri onsen (あゆり温泉), 400 円 / person, open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
                                      Iyasaka (いやさか), 300 円 / person, open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., closed on Tuesday.

There is also an AEON supermarket 5 minutes by car.

How to go :

By car: use the national road 4.
By train: use the Suigun line (JR line: 水郡線) from Koriyama station (郡山駅), in the town of Koriyama (郡山市). The rise takes about 20 minutes.
Get off at Yabuki station (矢吹 駅) and reach the park after 20 minutes walk.

Address in romaji:
64 Oike, Yabuki, Nishishirakawa, Fukushima 969-0238

Address in kanji:
〒969-0238 福島県西白河郡矢吹町大池64

Hirono Fruits

The town of Hirono (広野町) is known for producing clementines.
Affected by the disaster of 2011, the town has made a lot of efforts to revitalize agriculture and tourism. In order to do this, the town has recently started to produce exotic fruits as bananas and papayas!

Follow the adventures of Hirono’s bananas on Instagram:


Iwaki chocolate

Hula danse

Hatate coast’s torii

Coal and fossil Museum (Horuru)

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