Here are Méli et Malice characters and their personality!

(Father)Méli et Malice’s “Méli”:

Coming from France, Méli enjoys life in Japan a lot. He doesn’t drink alcohol but chocolate … can’t say he doesn’t love it! He likes having a walk and taking pictures.

He likes: Japan, photography, nature and sweets.

“Méli” comes from the word “méli-mélo”.

(Mother)Méli et Malice’s “Malice”:

It’s surely the cloud with the most resources that you have ever seen! Unlike Méli, she loves alcohol but always with moderation 😉
Malice is optimistic, full of energy and treasures precious memories.

She likes: alcohol, animals, DIY and crafts, sports, etc.

“Malice” for the funny, joking but always kind side!

Baby Méli et Malice:

Like his mother, he is optimistic and playful! But beware, when the anger rises…he turns to black and the rain begins to fall!
His favorite hobby is to play with baby Akabeko.

He likes: Akabeko and macarons.