Akabeko “Merry Christmas !” postcard

¥ 270¥ 2,000 (税込)

Christmas postcard !
“Merry Christmas” text is written in Japanese, English and French.
Akabeko is bringing presents and riding a bike while a reindeer is taking a rest in the basket!
How cute! This postcard brings happiness and fun!

Size : 14.8 x 10 cm (5.82″ x 3.93″)
Weight of paper : 220kg.
* Japanese postcards have usually a 180g weight.
This postcard is made from eco-friendly paper sources from sustainably managed forests

I really like the Fukushima prefecture, so in 2019 I’ve started to draw Akabeko. A part of the profits of the Akabeko merchandise will be donated to a pet rescue in Fukushima.

Akabeko is a legendary animal from the Aizu region of Fukushima.
It is said that a red cow appeared a long time ago, to help and protect the villagers.

Made in Japan

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