Set of 2 eco-bags Akabeko foldable in cotton

Original price was: ¥ 3,200.Current price is: ¥ 3,000. (税込)

This set of 2 eco-bags is perfect to present it to your family and friends !

This foldable cotton eco-bag with Akabeko riding a bicycle will become your best friend for shopping!

This eco-bag is :

– made from natural 100% unbleached cotton
– foldable. Perfect to bring it with you everywhere !
– light but strong. It has a 4 kilos capacity.

Size : 34 x 30 cm (13.38″x 11.81″)
Length when you use it : 50 cm (19.68″)

The color of the illustration of Akabeko riding a bike is red-orange.
The text is a mix of “赤べこ” (Akabeko, the red cow of Fukushima) and “エコバッグ” which means “eco-bag” in Japanese.

It’s made from cotton, light but strong.
We recommend you to wash it by hand to protect the drawing.

The eco-bag is made in China.
The illustration has been printed in Japan.

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