Set of 4 postcards Akabeko “Momo-bekotaro”

Original price was: ¥ 1,080.Current price is: ¥ 1,000. (税込)

Set of 4 postcards of Akabeko “Momo-bekotaro”.

This illustration has been inspired by the legend of Momotaro, a young boy who was born from a peach! This time, I drew Akabeko traveling in a peach, in front of the Enzo-ji temple, in Yanaizu town, Fukushima prefecture. The Enzo-ji temple is where Akabeko’s legend is born!

This set contains 4 postcards. 1 card per season (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Full of small details have been hidden in each illustration, will you find them?

Size : 14.8 x 10 cm (5.82″ x 3.93″)

Weight of paper : 220kg. * Japanese postcards have usually a 180g weight.

The postcards are made from eco-friendly paper sources from sustainably managed forests.

Made in Japan